Head Shots!! Would you pay to have a better one?


One Response to “Head Shots!! Would you pay to have a better one?”

  1. Professional headshots can make a significant difference in how you’re perceived. Think of it as the difference between an off-the-rack $200 suit and a made-to-order $2000 suit.

    Consider this: I had a friend who is “pro-sumer” (amateur photog with great equipment) do shots for me a couple of years ago (you can see one in this article http://bit.ly/oldheadshot) They were very nice, and very usable, and I was pleased and proud overall.

    This year, I did the full gamut: pro photo and pro makeup artist, and this is the result: http://bit.ly/2009headshots

    See the difference? Lighting, makeup, the works. Since I do a lot of professional speaking and outreach, it’s important to have a fully polished personal brand out there. And you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the session (the makeup alone was $100 for mine). But now I have a set of shots I can use for several years, for many different purposes!

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