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Marc Prosser is an imaginative, dynamic senior executive with experience growing a company from a start-up to a category leader. In 2000, Marc joined Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer and first employee. At the time, FXCM had fewer than 100 clients. Today, FXCM is  the global leader in online forex trading with over 200,000 active clients. Mr. Prosser has informed FXCM’s Board of Directors of his desire to take on the challenge of running a start-up or early stage company. In July, Mr. Prosser will be leaving FXCM.

In 2008 and 2009, FXCM earned more than $300M in revenue and generated over $100M in EBITDA.

Chief Marketing Officer, FXCM
February 2000 – Present 
Responsible for the firm’s global marketing and communications efforts including advertising, public relations, corporate communications and website development. Lead executive on many product development projects. Launched and co-managed firm’s two most successful joint ventures.
Recent Initiatives
Developing Mobile Trading Application For iPhone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile
Developed business specs, selected and negotiated with third party vendor, and rolled beta version of the platform to positive reviews.
Crafting Social Media Strategy & Creating New Role of “FXCM Ambassador”
Dedicated senior sales person to be the official “FXCM Ambassador” in public forums, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and popular industry specific bulletin boards. Worked with legal, compliance and sales to create clear guidelines governing social media interactions.
CNBC Currency Trading Challenge
Partnered with CNBC to launch currency trading contest in Australia using FXCM’s trading platform. Contest received on air promotion and editorial coverage improving FXCM’s local brand awareness. 
 Career Accomplishments
* Pioneer In Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Began advertising with Google in 2000 and hired full-time SEM professional in 2003.
* Early Adopter of ASP Solutions For CRM
Selected, LivePerson and Eloqua as vendors in 2002 – 2003.
* Launched And Co-Managed Two Successful Joint Ventures
The World’s Largest Futures Broker (2003) and a Major German Bank (2006) white labelled FXCM’s retail forex trading offering.
* Trailblazer In Online Data Mining & ROI Tracking
Integrated ad serving, website analytics, e-mail, and CRM to provide complete view of client interaction from first click to account opening in 2005.
* Built  FXCM’s In-House Marketing Agency
FXCM’s 40 person marketing team handles all marketing duties from media buying to creative. In-house agency has multiple benefits including lower costs, quicker turnaround times and greater product/market knowledge.
* Publisher Of The Most Heavily Trafficked Forex News Website (
With 1 million unique visitors per month, FXCM’s best source of new leads is The site launched in 2003 and is the only top 3 forex website owned by a brokerage firm.
* Lead Product Development Efforts For FXCM’s Client Research Offerings
 Added third party news to the trading platform (2002), launched client research portal with specific trading ideas (2006), and added automated trading signals (2008).
Marketing History Of FXCM
Global Expansion 2009 – 2010  FXCM opens new offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Marketing efforts launched in six new languages. Client base becomes more geographically diversified with less than 50% of clients residing in the United States. 
Re-Branding FXCM 2007 – 2008 FXCM becomes the first large forex broker to change business model from being a market maker to agency execution. Many retail traders believe the dealing desks of forex broker trade against them. FXCM uses the change in business to differentiate the firm from its competition. FXCM re-brands itself as “No Dealing Desk” firm and gains market share from competitors.
Crisis Management 2005 – 2006 FXCM’s largest shareholder and distributor, the largest futures trading firm in the world, declares bankruptcy. To re-assure concerned clients of FXCM’s solvency, FXCM mounts a massive public relations and marketing effort.
Rapid Growth 2002 – 2004 FXCM grows revenues at an annualized rate exceeding 300%. Firm increases advertising, launches forex news website, starts education division, and opens offices in London and Hong Kong.  Joint ventues and distribution deals with third parties become a significant source of new clients. Largest marketing challenge is educating traders why they should trade forex over stocks or futures.
Start-Up  2000 – 2001 FXCM becomes first retail forex broker to be regulated in the United States. Firm differentiates itself through its regulatory status, customer service, and the ability to trade in smaller unit sizes than its competitors. Limited advertising budget focused on forex websites and very targeted PPC. 
BA (Economics) – Binghamton University 1998
Journal of Financial Advertising And Marketing (JFAM) Media Award, Judge 2008 & 2009
Financial Communication Society Portfolio Awards, Judge 2009

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